STEM Mentoring

This page is dedicated to the STEM Mentoring Grant, funded by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. This grant supports mentors and mentees in 12 school districts in Indiana.

With our second semester of 2019-20 disrupted by Covid-19, we have adjusted our requirements for the grant.  

If you have made videos of  your classroom, shared them with your mentor and reflected on them you have met the requirements of the grant.  Please make sure your mentor submits a Mentor Record of Action (see below for all forms and instructions).

If you have not made videos of your classroom, you can meet the requirements of the grant by attending three webinars or watching the recording and completing the survey.  See below for the webinar schedule and links.


Webinar schedule, links to live webinars and links to recorded webinars

DateTopicZoom link to live webinarRecording of WebinarSurvey (complete if you watched recorded webinar)
9/25/2019Overview of Mentoring grant recording 9/25/2019
10/28/2019STEM ResourcesWebinar 10/28/19
11/21/19Citizen scienceWebinar 11/21/19
12/16/19How to use video to improve instructionwebinar recording 12/16/19
4/15/2020Resources for teaching science onlineWebinar 4/15/20
password: r5#q!%47
4/15/20 survey
4/29/20Data Tells a Story
Password 0n^2$984
3:30 pm CST
4:30 pm EST
Choice boards

password: 7T?3T@?$
8/26/20Webinar #1 fall Digital Science Notebooks

Access Passcode: 0?jL49U8
9/9/20Skype a Scientist w/ Dr. Gina Lewin

Access Passcode: Xa2Gm+H+
9/23/20Webinar #2 fall Google Add-ons and Extensions

Access Passcode: &VyV6*.b
10/7/20Skype a scientist #3: Hydrologist Vishnu Sirinivasaraghavan


Program requirements–mentors

Mentors–please don’t forget that you need to post a Mentor Record Action in the folder each semester if your mentee worked with you on video reflections. Download the form, edit with your information, save and upload to this folder: Mentor Records of Action

The proper way to upload your Mentor Record of Action is as follows:

  1. Go to the blank form at the link above
  2. Save/download the blank form either to your Google drive or your computer
  3. Fill out the form and Save it with your name in the name of the document
  4. Upload the form to the Mentor Records of Action folder

Mentor and Mentee payment information

As we near the close of this semester, please download your payment form, print it, fill it out (don’t forget to sign it and fill in your tax ID/SSN) and mail it to:

Heather Wiltermood, ISTEM

700 Ahlers Drive

West Lafayette, IN 47907

Download Mentor form:

Download Mentee form: