ISI Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources 

This page contains resources for teachers that are using the ISI kits.  On this page you will find access to online resources provided by curriculum publishers.  In order to access this page you will need a password. Please email to obtain the password.

ISI Teacher Resources


The ISI kits are shared among our member teachers across Indiana in a rotation.  The date for the shipment and receipt of the kits can be found in this schedule.  The shipment date is the date that your kit leaves our warehouse.  The shipment should arrive at your designated receiving location in one or two days.  The return dates on the schedule are the dates that you should be targeting for a pick-up by UPS or Old Dominion, depending on your method of shipment.  Please refer to our Materials Management page for more information regarding shipping and receiving of kits.

2019-20 Kit Rotations for ISI

**1.5 and 2.0 Schools are at this link

ISI Trainer Resources 

On this page you will find resources for our ISI trainers.  Teachers may also utilize this resource so that they can access PPTs that are presented at trainings related to the kits.  This page is password protected.  To receive the password please contact                ISI Trainer Resources